'The matrix is singular to working precision.' when executing conditional forecast command

Hello everyone,
I encountered some issues while performing conditional forecasting in dynare.After running the mod file, dynare keeps informing me that ‘the matrix is singular to working precision’, but I can’t identify where I went wrong. The observed values of the variables fluctuate around their steady state values. If needed, I can upload the files containing parameter calibrations and information about variable steady states. I would appreciate any help or insights. Thank you!

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Uploading: bly_ms.mod…

You did not upload this mod file successfully.

Yes,I am still trying to upload

bly_ms.zip (3.9 KB)

I have to convert mod files into compressed files. I would appreciate it if you could kindly advise me on this.

I have already solved this problem. The reason for my mistake was that the data for government consumption expenditure(CG) in the model was treated as an observed variable, while this variable follows an exogenous process, and I did not incorporate a shock to CG in this process. Therefore, any attempt to reproduce the observed values of government consumption using conditional forecasting method is impossible.