The loglikelihood at the posterior mean

Dear all

We can extact the mcmc draws of the parameters from the subfolder metropolis , and compute the mean of the posterior draws. And in this file, there exists a

variable “logpro2”, I think it is the loglikelihoods at diffrent draws of parameters, am i right?

Another question is how to compute the loglikelihood at the mean of the parameters? I think mean may diffrent from each of the mcmc draws.

Now I am trying to estimated the model in An and Frank (2007), I estimated his model by the simulated data first, then subsititute the posterior mean of parameters into

the model and solve it to state space form by Dynare. Then I use Kalman Filter to compute the loglikelihood by my own code.

Am I right? Is there some order in dynare can do this?

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Zeng Tao