The generalized Schur (QZ) decomposition failed and colinearity

Dear Professor,
I am trying to replicate a model designed by Ghassane Benmir as a practice of modelling of a two-sector economy and environmental policies but confront the following problem. The diagnostic result show colinearity of production function, FOCs of capital and labor and I cannot figure out the solution. Thanks for your kind help.

The generalized Schur (QZ) decomposition failed. For more information, see the documentation for Lapack function dgges: info=30, n=29. You can also run model_diagnostics to get more information on what may cause this problem.

MODEL_DIAGNOSTICS: The Jacobian of the static model is singular
MODEL_DIAGNOSTICS: there is 2 colinear relationships between the variables and the equations
Relation 1
Colinear equations
14 15 16 17 18 19
Relation 2
Colinear equations
14 15 16 17 18 19
MODEL_DIAGNOSTICS: The presence of a singularity problem typically indicates that there is one
MODEL_DIAGNOSTICS: redundant equation entered in the model block, while another non-redundant equation
MODEL_DIAGNOSTICS: is missing. The problem often derives from Walras Law.
Policy_Rep.mod (7.8 KB)
Policy_Rep_steadystate.m (2.2 KB)
Policy_Rep_steady_state_helper.m (986 Bytes)

This type of problem is hard to debug. But you should check whether the mentioned equations together with

# Psi_g=W_g^(1-alpha)*RK_g^(alpha)/(alpha^alpha*(1-alpha)^(1-alpha)*epsilonA*da);
# Psi_b=W_b^(1-alpha)*RK_b^(alpha)/(alpha^alpha*(1-alpha)^(1-alpha)*epsilonA*da);

really contain separate information.

Thank you professor.
These equations are taken from the original text and I will check it again.