The Bayesian IRF

After estimating DSGE with Bayesian techniques, I conduct the Impulse Response Function with Bayesian estimation. The code is specified inside the block of estimation as following

Blockquote estimation(…, irf =20,
bayesian_irf)data_pid data_wp data_c data_i x_hat
data_R E_t data_y data_x data_m data_pic
data_ystar data_pistar data_Rstar;

The result displays as the attached file below

My question is that

Why the Bayesian probability interval in the pannel such as data_pid, dat_wp, or dat_R
is very strang, why the mean value does not locate between upper and lower Bayesian probability interval? What happens to that

Thank you so much indeed

BayIRFs.pdf (10.8 KB)

Please use the most recent version of Dynare. It will be compatible with your Matlab graphics engine so that the problem will vanish.

I got it
Thank you a lot prof. Pfeifer