[Testers Wanted] Release of Dynare 6.x-beta for Apple Silicon (M1/M2 chips)


Dear users,

MATLAB has finally released an Apple Silicon version (R2023b), so we are preparing native Apple Silicon packages of Dynare.
Currently, I am the only member of the team with an Apple Silicon machine and therefore I would like other uses with M1 or M2 machines to test the compiled pkg. For this you have to:

  1. Install MATLAB R2023b following the the official instructions.
    We recommend, but don’t require, the following: Optimization, Global Optimization, Statistics and Machine Learning, Econometrics, and Control System.

  2. Download and install one of the following packages (THESE ARE BETA!!!):

  3. It would be nice if you would also test the x86_64 version with x86_64 MATLAB:

  4. Try running your mod files.

  5. If everything works, like this post by clicking on the heart. Otherwise, please report errors or weird behavior below.

Thank you!


Hi Willi,

I have a Mac with Apple silicon and would like to serve as a tester for ARM64 native Dynare version. I have some questions about how best to proceed:

  1. I have installed MATLAB R2023a, which I understand still runs using Rosetta 2. Does that matter, or should I get the R2022a beta version specifically since it is the open beta for Apple silicon?
  2. Is there a later beta package available that I should use to test? It appears that the links here correspond to Dynare v5.1 and v5.2. If there is a later beta version available, I am happy to test that too.
  3. My .mod files use the Statistics and Machine Learning toolbox. Will that be a problem?

Let me know, and I’ll report back with my experience. Thank you to you and the Dynare team for all your work on this!

Hey, @wmutschl, Matlab released the ‘‘R2023b prerelease’’ on June 14, which directly supports Apple chips (m-series) and does not require Rosetta 2, and has many more Toolboxes than the 2022 beta version, including “optimization” and “Global Optimization”. I tested “dynare-5.2-beta-arm54.pkg” running ‘‘example3.mod’’ and found that it successfully solved the optimization problem. Although the toolbox is still being tested, we can now use the ‘‘fsolve’’ command…Awesome!

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Many thanks for the heads up! We will publish official Dynare versions for Apple silicon soon.

Let’s look forward to it together! : D

Seconded! Just ran my mod files (which call fsolve) with 5.2-beta pkg and the 2023b prerelease version. Worked like a charm! Looking forward to the official release!

The final version of R2023b for Apple Silicon is available. I have updated the first post, please test the new packages and report weird behavior. The progress of official packages can be followed in this merge request.