Syntax error, unexpected NAME, expecting EQUAL

Dear All,

I just switched from Dynare 3.065 to 4. When I run my mod file (with which I did not have problems in the 3.065 version), I get a following warning:

??? Error using ==> dynare at 73
Starting Dynare …
Parsing your model file …
ERROR: closed1exp.mod:92.0-4: syntax error, unexpected NAME, expecting EQUAL

Does anyone have an idea what it is about?


Please, post or send the *.mod file


Dynare version 4 doesn’t authorize statements without ; at the end
In order to display the value of ‘sigmat’, you can’t write simply


you must write


Thanks, Michel,

Now, I get a new error:

??? Error using ==> obsoleteHMS at 7
Function SEC2HMS is obsolete.

Error in ==> sec2hms at 12

Error in ==> closed1exp at 437
disp('Total computing time : ’ sec2hms(round(toc)) ]);

Error in ==> dynare at 79
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

I am using Matlab 2007b

Perhaps, this would be of interest to you as my understanding is that it is related to mapping toolbox.


Thanks Monika. This is a name conflict with one of Dynare functions. We will fix that