Syntax error, unexpected EXT_FUNC_NAME, expecting EQUAL

Hi there

I’m a new Dynare user, just trying to implement the first DSGE model by closely following F. O. Bilbiie, R. Straub, et al.( 2004) and J. Gal ́ı, J. D. Lopez-Salido, and J. Valles (2007). Thereby the following error occurs:
v1.mod (8.3 KB)
syntax error, unexpected EXT_FUNC_NAME, expecting EQUAL. Does maybe someone know what the problem is?

Many thanks in advance

Hi Maida,

there are many errors in your file. The one you mentioned here comes form line 31 where you wrote (long name=‘Marginal cost’) but it is supposed to be (long_name=‘Marginal cost’) (ie with an underscore).
Then, the predetermined variables also have to be declared in the variable block, including the Tex-names.
R_-1 is not a proper name for a parameter.
There are also many equations where you did not explicitly write * for a multiplication, this also does not work. For example in your production function you have (1-calpha)n but it clearly should be (1-calpha)*n.

Try to debug everything, I hope it works then :slight_smile:

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for your feedback. I’ll implement everything right now and hope it works.