Syntax error, unexpected EQUAL, expecting '.'

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I have a probably very basic problem with Dynare. Does dynare allow us to call functions in its calibration sector? I need to set the steady-state of some variables in the calibration part (because I need them while writing my model), but when I call my written functions to solve numerically a system of equations, I keep receiving this error:

syntax error, unexpected EQUAL, expecting ‘.’

But I can call easily the same functions in the steady-state sector. Any idea what may be the problem??

here is the .mod file as well as .m functions: code_14_march.mod (5.1 KB) steadystate_helper.m (432 Bytes)

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I would really appreciate if anyone can help!


Try putting the function calls into



thank you so much dear @jpfeifer ,
it solved the issue.
But still, although I dynare finds most of the steady-state values by numerical methods, it is not able to find the steady-state for all equations. Would you please take a look at my attached code and help me what can be the possible reason?

thanks in advance

code_14_march.mod (4.7 KB) steadystate_helper.m (382 Bytes) steadystate_helper2.m (1.2 KB)

You need

% using nemerical solver
[LSS, VSS, SPSS]= steadystate_helper(bet, tet, chi, tau);


[zetSS, PGSS, YGSS, KBSS, KGSS, HBSS, HGSS, HSS, KSS, ISS, CSS, WSS, YSS, PBSS]=steadystate_helper2(RBSS, RGSS, YBSS, PiISS, ASS, xi, alf, del, g, phi, sig);
for ii=1:length(par_names)


to correctly pass the parameters set in the verbatim-block back to Dynare. Ideally, you should have used a steadystate-file.

Thank you so much. Sure, I will also try defining a steady-state file.