Sylvester error

Hi all,

I am getting the following error when I run my code in dynare+± 1.3.2

!dynare++ seppala.mod
^^^Caught Sylv exception: At Vector.cpp:95:Attempt to assign vectors with different lengths.

If anybody knows what this means, please let me know.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
I am attaching a copy of my.mod file in case somebody has an idea of where the error might be.

Thanks a lot,
seppala.mod (4.13 KB)


This must be dynare++ bug. I will look at it and let you know.


Ondra K.


the error is in the specification of vcov matrix. It cannot contain expressions. For example 0.0035^2 is illegal, instead you must write 0.00001225.

Dynare++ skips over the expression and parses only numbers. The parsed vcov matrix is not square then and the exception is thrown.

I will try to fix it by raising a parsing error exception.

Ondra K.