Suggested new functionality of Dynare,printout residual for each equation at deterministic steady state

I think one common mistake beginners or even pros make, is in the calculation of deterministic steady state, sometimes due to nothing other than typos.

There should be a functionality that, tells you, if the convergence at deterministic steady state is NOT achieved in step 0, which equation is causing the problem that is preventing convergence at deterministic steady state to be achieved immediately given the guess of steady states.

I.e., there should be a printout like
eq 1, resid0
eq 2, resid0
eq 3, resid=0.0333
etc, so we can easily debug the mod file.

Isn’t that what the resid-command already does?

But, how would one know, which equation number corresponds to which equation? One has to manually count the equation number in mod file?

Yes…Unless you use equations tags as described here, the equation numbers will then be replaced by equation names.