Hi friends, I don’t understand about option period in stoch_simul. what’s this Described?


If different from zero, empirical moments will be computed instead of theoretical moments. The value of the option specifies the number of periods to use in the simulations. Values of the initval block, possibly recomputed by steady, will be used as starting point for the simulation. The simulated endogenous variables are made available to the user in a vector for each variable and in the global matrix oo_.endo_simul (see oo_.endo_simul). The simulated exogenous variables are made available in oo_.exo_simul (see oo_.exo_simul). Default: 0.

where you do not understand? if you specify periods =1000, then this instruct the dynare do some simulation and used the simulated data to compute moments of variables and this moments is called empirical moments. If you do not explicitly specify, by default periods=0, this will instruct dynare to compute theoretical moments based on some techniques. Dynare v4.4.1 has important update for this.