Stoch_simul order 3 Dynare 4.6.4 vs 5.1

Dear All,

I am testing higher-order perturbation methods using the attached RBC model.

The code is working up to 5th order with Dynare 4.6.4 (log file attached), but only until 2nd order with Dynare 5.1.

Is this due to a technical change between these two releases, or there is a problem of different nature?

Many thanks in advance for your availability.

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RBCnohINV_est3.mod (6.9 KB)

RBCnohINV_est3.log (6.2 KB)

You need to set options_.debug=true instead of options_.debug=1.

Dear Professor Pfeifer,

It worked!

Many thanks!

Best regards,