Steadystate_flag not read-in in Dynare 4


I’m using my steadystate file. It happens that some equations have some constants that are irrelevant for my calculations but mess up the steady state.

In previous releases of Dynare (version 4) the option steadystate_flag=0 would avoid the double checking of the steady state by Dynare so that it could continue with the calculations.

I’ve noticed that in the new release of Dynare (version 4) the option steadystate_flag=0 is overwritten by some Dynare files.

I’ve noticed this by writing in the mod file…



Running Dynare on the mod file prints on the screen the content of options_ (which shows a 0 flag).
typing optionos_ on the command window after Dynare has run, returns a flag=1.

Any reason for this?