Steady State

  1. I run my .mod using a m-file to compute steady state (prometheo_steadystate.m). I am using an external function too (apr.m).
  2. I get error:

Error using print_info (line 76) The steadystate file did not compute the steady state ... Equation number 238 : -4.6777 Equation number 239 : 66.205 Equation number 240 : -10.4307

  1. In order to understand these errors I run content of file prometheo_steadystate.m called “prometheo_steadystate review”.

  2. What is weird after do this, is that, the equations that dynare is reporting errors doesn’t seem verify the errors, for example Equation 238:

[code]Depoobs - 100*log(Depo/DepoSS)

ans =


respaldo_0.rar (89.2 KB)

If I see it correctly, the steady states like

are not consistent with the model local variables you define. In the steady state file

but in prometheo_static.m

Thanks a lot dear jpfeifer.