Steady state values of endogenous variables

Hi every one this question is really very simple. In linearizing a model with Uhlig method we end up with some form of CssC or PissPi and etc . where should I put these Css Piss in the model ?
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Hi Abbas,

You should declare them as model-local variables in the .mod file



Hi cmarch
thanks for your kind reply
should I declare for example
#Css= Yss-Iss-Gss or
#Css=0.5235 for exmaple
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#Css= should be a function of parameters and steady-state values. Model-local variables were conceived for that purpose.:slightly_smiling_face:

Dear cmarch
Thanks ,yet another question:
I declare #Css and #Yss as model local variables. How and where to put the ratio (Css/Yss) ? Should this ratio be regarded as a parameter and declared in parameters section and its value (for example (Css/Yss)=0.5) assigned to it?

You can just declare the ratio of the two as another model-local variable.

Thanks and apologies for late response.