Steady State of log-linearized model

Good morning to everyone!
I’m trying to replicate the model in Rubart, Heterogeneous labor, labor market frictions and employment effects of technological change
the model should be solved in deviation from the steady state.
dynare is unable to find a steady state. What is wrong? I attach here the code
the problem (one of the problems) is that anytime I’ve 1-exp(var) at the denominator in an equation this gives me inf for the steady state, but i suppose this is the correct way to log-linearize the model.

Thank you so much!
treloglin.mod (4.5 KB)

No, this is not a proper way of loglinearization. It seems you are trying to do an exp()-substitution, but in this case, the steady state values are not 0. You may want to consult Linearisation vs Log-linearisation and Question about understanding irfs in dynare for your options.

Thank you! I think I understood what was wrong…but the problem is that I still don’t get 0 residuals in all my equations. I don’t really understand where the misteke is. Thank youtreloglin.mod (5.8 KB)

For example

exp(log(p_s)) = exp(log(m_s))/((exp(log(s_s))*(1-exp(log(h_s))))); 

is not a linear(ized) equation

Thank you! So do you think I should manually linearize those equations or avoid to apply log linearization?
Thank you!