Steady state of complex model

Hi! I am quite new with Dynare. Nevertheless , am trying to run up a quite complex model.

I got the following message :

Warning: Some of the parameters have no value (c1shareoop, c2shareoop, c2sharemcm, c2sharecnc, c2sharemim,
c2ratiooyoc, c2shareowo) when using steady. If these parameters are not initialized in a steadystate file,
Dynare may not be able to solve the model…

In test_for_deep_parameters_calibration at 46
In steady at 33
In oilmodJRstickycombodynarenonlineartest at 2088
In dynare at 180

I am rather surprised as I am sure that I have specified the value of c1shareoop in my mod file.
I will be very grateful if someone could tell me what are the possible errors I have committed in my code.
oilmodJRstickycombodynarenonlineartest.mod (52.5 KB)
oilmodJRstickycombodynarenonlineartest_steadystate.m (6.77 KB)

You are not performing a proper recursive setting of parameters. The problem starts with

When you execute this, c2w is not defined. The message about c1shareoop comes from you trying to reset it later on using undefined parameters so that it is NaN. Replace the comments with “//” with the Matlab comment “%” and then use Matlab’s code execution to check the parameter definitions (select code and then use Evaluate Selection of F9)

Thank you very much. Your are absolutely right and fortunately I got there before your reply.

Nevertheless , after some modifications in the mod.file I got the following errors:

Undefined function or variable ‘c1lambdaqss’.

Error in oilmodJRstickycombodynarenonlineartest (line 2075)
oo_.steady_state( 1 ) = log(c1lambdaqss);

Error in dynare (line 180)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

I know that ‘c1lambdaqss’ is not defined. Nevertheless in the original code we had

c1lambdaq = log(c1lambdaqss);
c1q = log(c1qss);
c1i = log(c1iss);
c1k = log(c1kss);
c1c = log(c1css);…. end;

Can someone, please, help me to understand what this means and how I should resolve this problem?
oilmodJRstickycombodynarenonlineartest.mod (54.6 KB)
oilmodJRstickycombodynarenonlineartest_steadystate.m (8.47 KB)

If you are using a steady state file, you are not supposed to use an initval block. Delete it.