Steady state not found using mode_file

Hi all,
I estimated my model, it all ran through. Yey! I’m using mode_compute=6 and wanted to start saving some time so I wanted to use mode_file. So I set mode_compute=0 and mode_file=modfilenname_mode. Dynare gets past steady and check but then tells me the following:

dynare_estimation_init:: The steady state at the initial parameters cannot be computed.Error using print_info (line 76)
The steadystate file did not compute the steady state

which I find pretty peculiar as I’m using steady_state_model and it was all good for the estimation.
Any ideas what’s going on there?

Are you using Dynare 4.5.3? If yes, please provide the files necessary to replicate the issue. Or did you mistakenly delete a diffuse_filter-command?

Sorry for the late reply.
Yes, I’m using Dynare 4.5.3. and I did not delete a diffuse_filter command.
The necessary files are attached. (18.4 KB)

Please make sure you handle parameter dependence correctly. You cannot have

 alpha_star = alpha; 

as a parameter declaration and then estimate alpha.

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