Steady State Error

… Sorry, Johannes. It must be something else. The code worked with dynare 4.4.3. I define r@, taking version rH and rF because it is a two country model. I just rechecked and it works, defined in the same way, with old dynare…

If you manually set

  ys = [myss myss]';

you cannot use

NumberOfEndogenousVariables = M_.orig_endo_nbr; %auxiliary variables are set automatically
for ii = 1:NumberOfEndogenousVariables
  varname = M_.endo_names{ii};
  eval(['ys(' int2str(ii) ') = ' varname ';']);

That latter loop will try to set ys based on the variable names set in the steady state file.

Thank you Johannes.
I see… Ok.
Sorry for not having answered to your help. I was a bit stressed with a revision and I decided to go back to old-dynare for the moment, with that code. I’ll try to solve this as soon as I can.