Steady state does not solve the static model: equation?


Is there a way to make Dynare report which equation has problems with the supplied steady-state values?

I get the error message

[quote]??? Error using ==> steady_
The seadystate values returned by trade_steadystate.m don’t solve the static model![/quote]

Unfortunately with a very large model it’s not always obvious where to start.

My suggestion is to introduce something like this at about line 50 of steady_ (i.e. where the “if check1” prompts the error message) :

if check1
        tmp=abs(feval([M_.fname '_static'],...
			       [oo_.exo_steady_state; ...
		    oo_.exo_det_steady_state], M_.params));
        disp([repmat('equation: ',length(tmp),1),num2str([1:length(tmp)]'),...
            repmat(' ',length(tmp),1),num2str(tmp)]);
	  error('The seadystate values returned by ' M_.fname ...
		'_steadystate.m don''t solve the static model!' ])