Steady state description

I’m a master student and I’m having some problems in introducing my model in Dynare. Since i will use the log linearized version of the model computed by Ulhig method I need a steady state version of all the equations. In some of them I need to introduce some variables that are not defined by the model ( AR1 process). So the question is for instance: how to transform a AR1 process into a SS equation? in order to be able to use this variable into others equations. Particularly my model define LP ( private labour) but not LG ( public labour) so i though that the solution is to assume a AR1 process to LG

Thank you

For computing steady states, you need to drop the time indices and set shocks to 0. Thus, if

you get

This can be easily solved to yield

But I doubt that this helps you to solve for an endogenous variable.