STEADY: convergence problems

When i run the mod,there is a problem as follow:
Residuals of the static equations:

Equation number 1 : 0

Equation number 14 : 0
Equation number 15 : 0
Equation number 16 : -0.12337
… 0
Equation number 28 : 0
Equation number 29 : 0
Equation number 30 : -0.0035084

Equation number 36 : 0
SOLVE: maxit has been reached
??? Error using ==> steady_ at 132
STEADY: convergence problems

Is this means there is too large residuals in equation 16?
But when i directly put the initial value into equation 16, i found that the residual is close to 0.
What’s wrong?Hope for you help.
Thank you!
qlz.mod (4.43 KB)

The residuals that are printed by Dynare correspond to the initial values that you gave. So there is a discrepancy between what Dynare computes for equation 16 and what you get by hand. Either you made a mistake in your computation, or the equation you entered is not what you had in mind.

Then the steady state computation fails because the non-linear solver does not converge. Try another value for the “solve_algo” option of “steady”. I had some success with “solve_algo=0”.