Some questions regarding dynare

I am trying to learn dynare. But when I input the linear model and other necessary sectors in the mod document, preprocessing completes and Matlab computing starts, the sign shows that “Error: the lack of at least one END: the statement may begin from here.” Could anyone please tell me how to deal with it. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me to solve my confusion.
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Do not name your mod-file

. It is the name of a reserved Matlab function.

Dear professor,
Thanks for your reply and I have modified the name of the dynare fold, but there are still some other new questions. It shows that “There are 11 eigenvalue(s) larger than 1 in modulus for 12 forward-looking variable(s). The rank condition ISN’T verified!”. I have checked some other posts in this forum, you have replied that it is most probably a timing error. But I just learned dynare and I can’t find the timing error. Can you help me with the problem.
Many thanks.

Your problem might be related to the various capital stocks in the model and to what is actually predetermined, see [Timing of capital in two sector economy)