Solving SS with external file

Hello everybody,
It was a very helpful post. But I have a question how I could adapt these examples with my problem. I attached my file to this post. I want to externally find the ss and then add that to .m file to solve the DSGE model.
Thanks a lot
lucas2.mod (2.67 KB)

Given that you work with initval and there is no analytical steady state computation, there is no point in using a steady state file.

The SS-file passes the parameters from Dynare to your code and then back to Dynare.

Dear Taylor,
Thanks for the reply, But How?

How what? I don’t really understand what you are trying to do. JaniceTaylor seems to be spam with a generic statement.

Dear Professor Pfeifer,
Thank you for your advise.
My codes in dynare is the (lucas3.mod). In order to calculate the steady state (to put in dynare as initials), I wrote some coeds in Octave, so that I can put the values of (Omegabar , Qbar) in my dynare code and solve it. It is my question : How can I add the codes of steady state to my dynare code so that just by running dynare , the values of steady states directly return to dynare form the .m file of steady state. I read the manual and some examples, therefore I put those code in a .m file as a function (lucas4_steady_state_helper.m) and asked dynare to calculate the function in the section “steady_state_model;”, but it does not work.
In the other words, I would like to know how I can ask dynare to go to other files, run them and put their result in its own codes!
the best,
lucas4_steady_state_helper.m (1.47 KB)
Lucas4.mod (2.07 KB)
lucas3.mod (3.05 KB)

What is your question? It doesn’t seem you have an analytical steady state. Thus, you cannot use a steady state file. It rather seems you use Octave to compute starting values for the actual steady state computation. That is something completely different.

No, my solution is numerical one, because the system equations which solves the endogenous states variables in my model is rather complected and it is difficult to have a closed-form one.
So in this case it is not possible to use steady state file. Thank you for the great help and thank you for explaining it.

In that case, what you can always do is assign your preliminary results to defined parameters and then assign them in the initval block.