Solving Rational Expectation Models Linear vs. Nonlinear using Dynare or Solving Yourself

Since I am coding some small linear New Keynesian models in python and solving them under rational expectations (using the method of undetermined coefficients and linear time iteration), I was wondering whether anyone codes non-linear rational expectations models (e.g. with the ZLB) in python or matlab themselves? I heard these are much more complex to solve and it is recommended to just solve them using dynare + OBC / occbin.

Does it make sense to solve non-linear (RE) models in python/matlab by coding the solution algorithm yourself? Or is this too complex/time-consuming and you would recommend using dynare + OBC / occbin? Thanks in advance!

Why would you ever want to code standard techniques for which well-tested packages exists yourself (except for didactical purposes)? The likelihood of your code containing serious bugs is much higher.

That is a good point indeed. I am writing my master thesis and I thought it would be good to show that I could solve the model myself, but beyond 3 equation linear RE models I think it quickly becomes very complex, so I will use dynare instead. Btw, thanks for making dynare freely available and the support you provide to users like me!