Smets Wouters (2007) code in Dynare 4.1

I am trying to run the Smets-Wouters (2007) code in Dynare 4.1 but with no success as it appears to have been written for an earlier version.

I was able to make my way around the first error by replacing



@#include "usmodel_stst.m"

but now the code thinks that these parameters are in fact equations and I receive the error:

I would greatly appreciate your help in this. I have attached all the code files.
usmodel_stst.m (868 Bytes)
usmodel.mod (12.1 KB)

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Hi jjones,

Have you gotten any reply yet? I also have the same problem. I wonder how the usmodel_stst.m file can be read in dynare version 4.

Hope someone who is successful in doing so can help out. Thanks so much.


Hi Iā€™m trying to run the Smets Wouters (2007) code the file.mod
Typing just usmodel but even if it lasts more than 5 hours at the end it does not work. I cannot find the endogenous and exogenous variables matrices, and the steady-state results

I have Dynare 4.0

Anyone could help me??