Sign restrictions


I know that this is a forum for DSGE model questions. But I had a doubt about VAR with sign restrictions. Appreciate if some researcher can help me with this problem given the wide reach of this learned forum. My question is about Andrew Binnings Sign restrictions VAR. I realised that in his paper - Underidentified SVAR models: A framework for combining short and long-run restrictions with sign-restrictions- the supply shock (Figure B.4) does not produce confidence bands unlike other shocks - monetary policy shocks and demand shock. When I used his code to work through my problem, it did not produce confidence bands too. I wonder what could be the reason. Any help from this erudite community of researchers is highly appreciated.

Have you considered asking Andrew directly?

I did write to him. But haven’t received any response. I realised he has moved from Norges Bank and his email has been disabled.

I see. I will try to get into contact with him.

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