Dear Michel Juillard,

I’m tring to perform a simple exercise. I have added an external file for a shock to a deterministic model, namely to the RBC_det model in the example files. In order to do that I have used the shocks_file command. I have two interrelated problems:

  • First It does not work at all with dynare4
    -Second: even though it is a command in dynare3, it still has problems:

I have generated a path for the exogenous variable ‘e’ with the stochastic version of the RBC model. Hence, I have saved the data for the exogenous variable in a datafile.mat. Therefore, I have tried to run the deterministic version of RBC model with varexo e; plus the command shocks(shocks_file=datafile.mat);…It does not work.

I attach a slightly modified version of the RBC determistic model (which includes the commmand shocks_file) and the datafile.mat. Are there syntax mistakes? Shall I perform this analysis?

thank you
kind regards
Luca (2.31 KB)