Shock_decomposition and DiffuseKalmanSmoother1

Greetings Dear all,
I have a state space model and I want to make a shock decompositions. I understand that Dynare uses the function: DiffuseKalmanSmoother1, based on the work of Koopman and Durbin (2003): “Filtering and Smoothing of State Vector for Diffuse State Space Models”, I would apply it to my model and I would like to have more details about the inputs of this function. … rH1_Z.html

I’m reading the work of Koopman and Durbin, but still have doubts to implement the inputs of the function: DiffuseKalmanSmoother1.

Thank you very much for your attention
I apologize for my writing, I’m Peruvian.

Dear Aldo, do you have specific questions?