Hi All
It looks like the set_all_parameters function only works if it follows the estimation command, as it requires details on the estimated parameters as inputs.
I wonder if there is another efficient way of assigning parameter values to ALL parameters, without resorting to the use of set_param_value multiple times or in a loop.


What exactly do you want to do? set_all_parameters only works after the estimation command, because that command defines a mapping between a parameter vector of estimates and the respective entries in M_.params.

Hi Johannes
I was interested in doing a stoch_simul for each set of draws, and keeping track of the mapping between the draw and the IRFs.
I got around the ‘problem’ by first doing an
estimation(mode_compute=0, mh_replics=0) and then
doing set_all_parameters
That works fine.

But how does your

look like? Is that all parameters? Or an estimated subset?

It is an estimated subset, Johannes. So using the ‘dummy’ estimation command before using the set_all_parameters function worked fine.