Second estimation using posteriori distributions of the first estimation

I am new in Dynare and I would like to know if there is a way to estimate a model a second time using the results in the first estimation.
For example, when I estimate a model for the first time I have to put the priors for the parameters, defining the distributions. After the estimation, I get a posteriori distribution that is not always from the same family as prior, am I right?
Imagine that I want to estimate again but now in a subsample. I would like to use the posteriori distribution of the first estimation as a prior now (update the distribution). Is there a way do to this?
In annex, just an example with toy data.example1.mod (1.8 KB)

Thank you

That is not feasible yet. We have outlined the steps required at but the implementation was not finished.

Thank you, professor Pfeifer.