Search and matching model, BK condition

Hi everybody,

I have some problems in running my search and matching model.

Dynare correctly computes the steady state but then tells me that I have one eigenvalue greater than one less than my looking forward variables.

I can’t see why this problem arises, as parameters are similar than in the literature and I doublechecked the timing of the model.
I agree with Dynare about the number of looking forward variables but I don’t know how to fix the problem of eigenvalues.

If anyone can have a look at the model would be of much help.

Thank you!
integral_H.m (249 Bytes)
integral_F.m (238 Bytes)
areaH.m (159 Bytes)
areaF.m (152 Bytes)
tesi_dynare_steady.mod (2.19 KB)

Your mod-file requests a deriv_H. Also, is there a reference for your model?