Safer point not finite in GoldenSectionSearch


When I ran dynare++, I met this error: Caught Dynare exception: nlsolve.cpp:71: Safer point not finite in GoldenSectionSearch::init_bracket.

Could anyone explain what I should look for to resolve this?


Please provide the mod-file.

Attached is the mod file. Thanks!
FLP.mod (3.09 KB)

This means that the steady state could not be found given your initial values. The steady state Dynare 4.4.3 found for your file is


a 0
afirm 0
k -2.96752
n -3.58357
eps 0
epsfirm 0
V -2.51789
EreturnV 0.0710184
Varprkernel 0.00420374

You can use them as starting values. However, the Blanchard-Kahn conditions for this steady are not satisfied due to a collinearity problem. Thus, check your model.