Results file in 'wrong' location

I have an estimated model, and I want to re-run the code to generate output following estimation (say shock decomposition grapths). I am running the estimation command with mh_replic=0 and with the options load_mh_file and load_results_after_load_mh, but I get the following error:

dynare_estimation_init:: You specified the load_results_after_load_mh, but no _results.mat-file dynare_estimation_init:: was found. Results will be recomputed.

Basically dynare is looking for the results file in the same folder as the mod-file, but the actual results file is (since version 4.6 I believe) saved in the subfolder Mod_file_name\Output. Basically dynare is looking in the wrong location. Is this a bug?

A quick work-around is to copy the _results.mat file from the subfolder to the main folder, but long term perhaps it can be fetched automatically from there?


Thanks for reporting this. You can find a bug fix at load_results_after_load_mh: fix location of file (!2065) · Merge requests · Dynare / dynare · GitLab

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