Residual of the ststic equations NaN and belanchard kondition

What are the ways to solve zero all the Residual of the ststic equations?

My model gives this error: Residual of the ststic equations NaN

I have a numeric value for all parameters and steady state variables, but it also gives this error.

And When I change the numerical value of a parameter, only the remainder of a number of equations becomes zero.

After fixing this problem, it is very likely that Blanchard-kan condition error, which I really paid attention to the timing of the predefined variables. I have also tried different versions of the model but the problem still persists.

I’ve attached the code.

Can anyone fix my mistakes?MBG.txt (11.0 KB)

  1. The equation

still contains a constant term with sai_zb_q. You need to consistently have all constants or leave them all out.
3. Fix your timing. For example, given


the production function should usually be

[name = 'Prodduction Function']

instead of

[name = 'Prodduction Function']