Release of Dynare 4.0.4

Dynare 4.0.4 is out. It is a bug fixing release.


  • Fixed forecasting after stoch_simul
  • Fixed crash of the smoother when only one exogenous variable
  • Fixed issue with compilation of MEX files under 64 bits platforms
    with Matlab R2009a
  • Fixed name clash when MOD file is called “ramsey.mod” and computes
    optimal policy
  • Fixed USE_DLL option at order 2
  • Updates to the reference manual in sections on model resolution and

Release notes:

  • for users of Octave under Windows, you must upgrade your Octave
    installation to 3.0.5 release, for compatibility with the new packages
    (see )
  • Linux packages are available for Ubuntu “Jaunty Jackalope” (9.04),
    Ubuntu “Intrepid Ibex” (8.10), Ubuntu “Hardy Heron” (8.04) and Debian
    "Lenny" (5.0) as usual (see … anOrUbuntu )