Reference to non-existent field 'var'

Dear all
I run the third-order simulation and try to obtain the standard deviation but the problem is

Error in dynare (line 223)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

Anyone can tell me how to solve this problem ?

and suggest me code to find the correlation, i.e first order autocorrelation of y; or between y and c, y and pi for example after using third-order simulation like this

Any advice is greatly appreciate.

ThankModel_Uncertainty5.mod (11.6 KB)

The problem is that theoretical moments at order=3 are not yet implemented and you did not request simulated moments.

Dear Professor,
How to set this? I just know how to set it for estimation but not sure for simulation? please help me on that

If you really require the moments, set the periods-option

Dear Professor
If I want to compute the cross correlation between two variables after third order simulation like this. How can I do this? For example, I want to compute correlation between y and c. Please show me the way to write this

See the manual on the