Reference to non-existent field 'ghs2'

Hi all,

I’m working on a sequential shocking exercise. My model has a tax shock that hits the economy at time t and an interest rate shock that hits at time t+4. I use second-order approximation. However, I receive the error " Reference to non-existent field ‘ghs2’ ".

The model has leads so hopefully, that is not the issue. Is there anyone that can suggest a solution to this?

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dynare_s.m (652 Bytes)

Themodel_EK.mod (2.3 KB)

You are using order = 1, not order = 2.

Prof Pfeifer,

Thank you for your answer. The problem persists even switching to order 2 in the mod file. I’m attaching the updated files.

Themodel_EK.mod (2.3 KB) dynare_s.m (652 Bytes)

You declared


so there is not point in a second order approximation.

That makes total sense, thanks!