Recognition of redundant equations

Hi all
If we have a constraint as follows:

1)) a=b+c

That here:
2) b=d+f
3) c=g+h

We do this to solve the optimization problem:
max The objective function
4) a=d+f+g+h



My question is if in the final equations in Dynare we bring all five of the following equations:

  1. a=b+c
  2. b=d+f
  3. c=g+h
  4. a=d+f+g+h

Does Dynare identify equations 1, 2, and 3 as redundant equations?
These equations come for more intuition

It’s hard to understand what is going on here. But it seems only one equations is redundant, namely equation 1 or 4. Equations 2 and 3 define the variables b and c and therefore contain information about them. But given these two, equations 4 and 1 contain the same information. In fact, you should have more equations than variables in this case.