Reading parameter values in dynare ++

is it possible to force dynare ++ to read the value of the parameters from an external file?


No, it is not.



Has this changed since 2011? I mean, can the .mod file deal with external functions BEFORE the model block? (I use Matlab)

You know, what happens is that often people has parameters whose values depend on the steady state (because we want to match long run empirical facts to calibrate the models!).
In my case, I implemented an .m file which computes the values of parameters jointly with the steady states and other deep parameters.
That’s why it would be useful to have an “external_function” alike command to declare parameter values before the model block.
Anyway, you are doing a great job guys!

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Sorry, but this is not possible. Most of the development energy goes to Dynare. Unless you want order>3, everything you say can be implemented in Dynare.

Thanks Johannes, even though I’m actually refering to Dynare (I use the latest release 4.4.2 running in Matlab 2009a), and it stills does not read parameters given by an external function, neither using external_function(‘parms.m’,2) nor [bet,sig]=parms.m

I would need a mod-file. What you can always do is use the verbatim-block.


But this is a dirty hack. The suggested way is to use a steady state file to set parameters. See e.g. the NK_baseline.mod in the examples folder