Random Number Generator!

When I simulated a stochastic model by using DYNARE stoch_simul each time, I got the same result. I do not think the result is reasonable since the result should change because the random exogenous process. Thus, I put rng(‘shuffle’) before “var” in DYNARE code and the result for each simulation did change. However, I got confused when read the random number generator in DYARE that says keep random sample the same in each simulation. Does it mean that each simulation should have the same result? Also, when I use DYNARE++ to carry out simulation, I got the same result every time. Again, I did not think it is reasonable outcome. If someone knows this part, please clarify my mind. If my understanding is correct, please also tell me how to generate different outputs in DYNARE++ in each simualtion. Thanks!

Everything you need to know is in the manuals. See the Dynare++ manual for the

option and the Dynare manual on the