Ramsey problem at SS

I wrote the dynare code for the Ramsey problem and I get the error message
SOLVE: maxit has been reached
Warning: Rank deficient, rank = 3, tol = 3.686679e+001.

In dyn_ramsey_static>dyn_ramsey_static_1 at 148
In dyn_ramsey_static>@(x)dyn_ramsey_static_1(x,M,options_,oo) at 39
In dyn_ramsey_static at 63
In evaluate_steady_state at 55
In resol at 108
In stoch_simul at 76
In ramsey_policy at 25
In StructTransf_no_land_D at 249
In dynare at 120
In main_no_land_SS_works at 159
Error using print_info (line 49)
The Jacobian matrix evaluated at the steady state contains elements that are not real or are

Error in stoch_simul (line 81)
print_info(info, options_.noprint);

Error in ramsey_policy (line 25)
info = stoch_simul(var_list);

Error in StructTransf_no_land_D (line 249)

Error in dynare (line 120)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

Error in main_no_land_SS_works (line 159)
dynare StructTransf_no_land_D.mod noclearall

As I already found the optimal SS in matlab and they are all real values, I am not sure what it is going on. Could anybody please help me?

PS I can’t attach the excel file from where I read the permanet shock ch which is 2 in original SS and 2.1 afterwards.
main_no_land_SS_works.m (2.78 KB)
StructTransf_no_land_D.mod (1.78 KB)

fun_no_land_modif is also missing. Try uploading everything together in a zip-file