Quick question about stoch_simul


I just have a quick and simple question about stoch_simul.

I notice that some of the IRFs do not output.

What I mean by that is

when I type in

stoch_simul(irf=20, irf_shocks = (xi)) i_r i_d i_l Y z;

and run this code, I get a plot for i_r, i_d, i_l and Y but not z.

Is there a reason for why IRF for z do not output? If so, how do I fix the issue?

Thank you

Hi hyunmin.jung,

from my experience, that normally happens when an endogenous variable is not (strongly) affected by a shock. Try increasing the shock to see if that could be the cause.

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Hi, hyunmin.jung

On my case, parameter’s initial value’s setting and parameter’s distribution and mean is caused.
I recommend you checking all endogenous variables(including calibration’s value,estimated_param’s parameters) following DoubleBass.

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