hi every body
i wrote the model that is linear
see the attachment
linearization is done by using Taylor expansion
i run it and the one of result was:


c 0.0000 4.4042 19.3970
infl 0.0000 0.6108 0.3730
y 0.0000 0.5719 0.3270
t_h 0.0000 10.9311 119.4893
t_k 0.0000 47.2606 2233.5622
R 0.0000 0.3333 0.1111

the mean of variable in the result of my program is zero
but i need this mean for report in my paper therefore
these should not be zero for my work
i think i should change the way of linearization
What should I do
what is your opinionŲŸ
n.mod (4.29 KB)

The mean of the variables is equal to the steady state values you compute for your linearization.

thanks dear Johannes Pfeifer
yes i know
but you gave me the dynear file mod about multi sector that in it the its means is not zero
is different between the my file and your file that you gave me in way of linearzation?

The other file was in log-levels, not linearized by hand.