Program works but warnings

I made a dynare program which seems to work well but I got the following message.

**Note: warning(s) encountered in MATLAB/Octave code

Checking the results displayed, there is a warning message in front of Theoretical Moments as follows.

**Warning: Aggregate variance and sum of variances by shocks differ by more than 0.01 %

In th_autocovariances (line 198)
In disp_th_moments (line 37)
In stoch_simul (line 164)
In prac_ssz (line 504)
In dynare (line 180) **

In fact, dynare can’t find theoretical moments of some variables which are endogenous state variables in the model.

I want to estimate the model but am not sure there is no problem in the model.
Is there any problem in the program?

The NaN come from the unit roots in your model. Given these unit roots and the size of the model, the warning is not that unusual. If the unit roots are a model feature, you should be fine.