Problems with standard matlab functions

Dear all,

When I try to run standard matlab functions within a dynare code in version 4, I get error messages with the parser, which I did not get with version 3.

The only way I found around this is to call another matlab code where I run these functions. But these means that I need several codes to run something that I could do in only one in previous versions.

Why is this? Is there a way around it?

Also, does anyone know how to do a bayesian estimation in v4 providing the mode manually? I have tried using the same comand as in v3, that is:


and I get the following error message:
"??? Error using ==> load
Unable to read file MEDEA_linear_est_v4_sinbW/metropolis/MEDEA_linear_est_v4_sinbW_mh_history: No such file or directory."

What am I doing wrong?



can you post or send me an example.