Problems with a small open economy model

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I have two questions related with small open economy models for emerging countries.

1–I´m trying to calibrate and simulate the small open economy model with internal debt elastic rate that is proposed in the 2001 paper by Martin Uribe et al (Closing small open economy models) but i’ve had convergence problems. In fact i can find the steady state, but when i check the rank condition i can,t achive it. I´m worried about it because i use the same parameters that the author uses in the paper, so i don´t understand if the problem is due to the code that i use…or anything else…i attach the code and the messages of error, i will appreciate anyone who tellme whats wrong

var y c iv k h la d risk tb ca a;
varexo ua;
parameters alf del g w phi psi rbar dbar rhoa;

alf = 0.32;
del = 0.1;
g = 2;
w = 1.455;
phi = 0.028;
psi = 0.11135/150;
rbar = 0.04;
dbar = 0.74421765717098;
rhoa = 0.42;

risk = psi*[exp(d-dbar)-1];
tb = (1+rbar+risk)d(-1)]-d;
ca = tb-(rbar+risk(-1))d(-1);
tb = y-c-iv-(phi/2)
y = exp(a)
iv = k(+1)-(1-del)k];
la = [c-((h^w)/w)]^(-g);
h = (-1)exp(a)(1-alf)
(1+rbar) = la(+1)[1+rbar+risk+(dpsiexp(d-dbar))];
a = rhoa*a(-1)+ua;

d = dbar;
risk = 0;
tb = rbardbar;
ca = 0;
h = 0.5;
k = 3;
y = (k^alf)
iv = del*k;
c = y-tb-iv;
la = [c-((h^w)/w)]^(-g);
a = 0;




a -5.46636e-026
c 0.522427
ca 2.77557e-017
d 0.404521
h 0.473103
iv 0.159562
k 1.59562
la 40.5327
risk -0.000213802
tb 0.0160944
y 0.698083

Modulus Real Imaginary

  8.359e-021      -8.359e-021                0
      0.1233          -0.1233                0
         0.7              0.7                0
      0.9971           0.9971                0
       1.041            1.041                0
       8.456           -8.456                0
         Inf              Inf                0
         Inf              Inf                0

There are 4 eigenvalue(s) larger than 1 in modulus
for 5 forward-looking variable(s)

The rank condition ISN’T verified!

2–can you tellme where i can find some examples, codes and extended papers related to small open economy models with special emphasis in emerging markets like colombia, that use dynare as the main tool for solving these models?? i’ve been searching the net and i found everything except these models…

thanks for your help

Maybe you can improve it by assigning k, k(+1) as k(-1), k

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