Problems in reading mat files with octave


I’m trying estimate a DSGE model using baeysian approach. Since octave don’t read excel files, I’m trying to work with a mat-file; recordind the datas in a txt-file and them saving as a .mat-file. But when I try estimate the model, the follow message appears:

file_name_02 = dadogmvE.mat
error: load: failed to read matrix from file `dadogmvE’
error: called from:
error: c:\dynare\4.0.4\matlab\read_variables.m at line 52, column 7
error: c:\dynare\4.0.4\matlab\dynare_estimation_1.m at line 237, column 9
error: c:\dynare\4.0.4\matlab\dynare_estimation.m at line 62, column 5
error: C:\Octave\3.2.2_gcc-4.3.0\bin\gnss_dv.m at line 705, column 1
error: c:\dynare\4.0.4\matlab\dynare.m at line 102, column 1

Someone knows how to fix this?


How did you create the MAT file? I guess something is wrong with the way you created it, since Octave is able to load MAT files.

Also note that you are running a very old version of Dynare (4.0.4), you should upgrade to the latest (4.2.2). Your version of Octave is also outdate (3.2.4 is available for Windows currently).