Problems in compiling source


I’m trying to compile Dynare from source and I get the following errors

Any idea why AM_PROG_AR seems to be missing

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What OS are you using?

Have you followed the instructions on this page for your OS:

I’m using Red Hat 64bit.

I managed to compile successfully some months ago. Then the server crashed and have to re-build.

Has anybody successfully compiled the recent unstable version using the commands quoted above?
Is there any new prerequisite for the newest (unstable) versions?



Yes, it’s compiled every night in the snapshot, not to mention as we develop…

What version of automake are you using?

We have automake 1.11.1.

A colleague in IT has pointed out to me that you seem to be using a very recent one (not yet in Red Hat depository).


You can see the version requirements for the programs you need to compile Dynare in section 1.1 of the wiki page I referenced above. Again, for convenience:

For automake, it is 1.11.2, which was released on 22-Dec-2011.

As it’s free software, you can always install a newer version of automake from source if your distribution doesn’t support it:

One more thing. Are you really interested in using the unstable branch or do you want to use the stable version of Dynare? If it’s the latter, you can always download the source snapshot, for which you won’t need autotools (automake or autoconf). You can download it by clicking the Dynare 4.3.1 source link from here:

Unfortunatley we cannot install new packages that easily.

I’ll stick to the stable version that compiles fine (hopefully this is the one that fixes the bug with missing observations…)

Thanks a lot for your help



Hi Gianni,

I have added a page to the wiki showing how to install an updated version of automake/autoconf in your own personal directory in Linux: