Problem with syntax error, unexpected ';'

Hi, everyone,

I have a problem with the error informations appear in my sample code. The attachment is my sample code. The error informations are shown as below:

Starting Dynare (version 4.4.2).
Starting preprocessing of the model file …
ERROR: newsample.mod: line 14, col 107: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’

??? Error using ==> dynare at 174
DYNARE: preprocessing failed

Actually, as a novice, this error always appear in my replication practices. It seems my typing code is right, and I always check out the related row and column and modify, but the error always still exists. Can someone take a look at my code and tell me how to correct the error?

Many thanks.
newsample.mod (795 Bytes)

There are two openening brackets in line 14, but only one closing one. Also, dr_algo is not supported anymore.
newsample.mod (796 Bytes)